I Heart Amanda Peet

In an era when celebrities like Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey can spread dangerous misinformation about science and medicine to millions of people by exploiting the media, it’s good to find some celebrities speaking out for good science. Enter actress Amanda Peet:

This is a pleasant contrast from the likes of Jenny McCarthy, the celebrity poster girl for the anti-vaccine–err, I mean “Green Vaccine” Movement (I still can’t say that Orwellian newspeak with a straight face). As I was saying, McCarthy has become the poster girl for anti-vacciners ever since writing a book where she blamed the mercury in MMR vaccines for her son Evan’s autism…despite the total lack of any mercury in MMR vaccines. Sorry, Jenny not one of those M’s stands for mercury.

Autism’s making the news a lot these days. Everyone is up in arms over Michael Savage calling autism a myth. And they should be. This goes beyond anything Don Imus has ever said and even behind Rush Limbaugh’s Parkinson’s comments of last year.

Though I’m not so concerned with Michael Savage. Everyone knows he’s an idiot and the only people likely to be persuaded by him have no power anyway. This was probably the most politically incorrect thing he could have said but he has the right to be a moron. Because his ignorance causes no real harm I don’t much care if he’s fired over this or not. The same, however, cannot be said aboutJenny McCarthy and other celebrities (see here and here) who are persuading people to embrace their ideology and are doing great harm.

But it got me thinking. While many people have bought into this link between vaccines and autism myth due to the pure emotional appeals and scare tactics of those like Jenny McCarthy, I wonder what those people would think if they knew what Jenny McCarthy REALLY BELIEVED, which is that her son Evan IS NOT AUTISTIC. That’s right, folks. Now I admit that what follows borders on an ad hominem attack but I feel it is important that people assess the sanity of those they invest their trust in. And what I’m about to reveal is no secret but a matter of public record. Jenny McCarthy has publicly written much about her beliefs and yet her claims have been totally ignored by the old media…possibly because it’s so weird they figured no one would believe them anyway. In a few moments, Tom Cruise might start looking a lot saner by comparison. So here it is folks, in her own words, THIS IS WHAT JENNY MCCARTHY ACTUALLY BELIEVES:

Insights of an Indigo Mom
A Mother’s Awakening

by Jenny McCarthy

The day my son was born I knew the world was going to be okay. Some people only get to see heaven when they die. On May 18th 2002, I held heaven in my arms, and named him Evan. His big round eyes blinked at me and at that exact moment my life took a new direction. Every cell in my body wanted to make sure this world was safe for him and I was determined to break down walls and build bridges so that he can live in a world that mirrors his beauty.

The day I found out I was an adult Indigo will stay with me forever. I was walking hand in hand with my son down a Los Angeles street when this women approached me and said, “You’re an Indigo and your son is a Crystal.” I immediately replied, “Yes!” and the woman smiled at me and walked away. I stood there for a moment, because I had no idea what the heck an Indigo and Crystal was, but I seemed so sure of it when I had blurted out “Yes!” After doing some of my own research on the word Indigo, I realized not only was I an early Indigo but my son was in fact a Crystal child. From that point on things in my life started to make sense. I always wondered why I was a ball-buster and rule breaker on TV, and at that moment I knew exactly why. I was born to not only think outside the box, but to break that box up into a million pieces. I called this day my “awakening” but really it was the day I remembered. This was the day my life and global mission became so clear. There was nothing I could do that could contain the excitement of what was to come.

As all of you know, being a mother changes you in ways that you never thought you could imagine. I went from chain smoking and eating cheeseburgers to Hepa air filters and eating vegetarian after my son was born. The love I had for him made me want what was best for him. I was so eager to go on every talk show and preach to the world about the importance of healthy air, healthy food, and empowering our children to be the divine manifestors they came here to be. Unfortunately, I knew deep down inside that preaching would only go so far. Many parents get stuck in a comfort zone and don’t really want to change the way things run in their own households.

So, I asked the Divine for help, and my Indigo awakening day brought it right to me. The way to create a new way of life for our children isn’t just about teaching the parents, but more about teaching the children. I knew immediately that changing education in schools was my global life mission. I want to open schools across the country that apply this philosophy so that our children can be taught in an environment that feeds their soul and has them in continual balance with their authentic self.

I want our children to start each day in silent meditation with an intention for that day. I want organic cafeterias, outdoor class sessions, teaching about the power of thought, getting rid of rote memorization. I want it all. I want it to be everything and anything that ignites the fire in our children so they can live in the light, know that they have a voice, and that they can make a difference in this world. We will listen. We will build them the schools so they can have a place to do just that.

Being the Indigo I am, I do know I have taken on the biggest task anyone could try to accomplish in one lifetime. I have no doubt in my mind you will be watching me do this for the rest of my life, until I can barely hold myself up with my walker. I hope to find moms like you who also want this for your children, and join me in doing this in your own neighborhoods. Strength is in numbers, right? Well ladies, have I awakened any of you to join me on this mission?

On June 1st, I’ll be available in the Indigo Cafe forum at www.IndigoMoms.com to discuss these plans with you.

Love, Evan’s Mommy,

Now you might ask yourself, what is this Indigo thing all about. I encourage everyone to do their own research but here’s a little primer from Wikipedia. That’s right. Jenny McCarthy, poster girl for the “Green Vaccine” Movement believes her son does not have autism but rather represents a higher order of human evolution. Apparently, he can read minds and has other magic paranormal powers. So maybe the vaccines just made him psychic. I’m thinking not.

3 Responses to I Heart Amanda Peet

  1. sofia says:

    What does your article/blog actually add to anything? You are trying to bridge her spirituality to her being wrong on vaccines. I investigate idiots like you who continuously misuse “skepticism” to push their narrow-minded misinformed opinions. She says quite reasonable things and if you listened more maybe you would get it.

  2. mjr256 says:

    Well, considering Jenny McCarthy’s whole public case is that her son contracted autism from MMR vaccines (which again don’t contain a lick of Thimerosal), I think it’s quite relevant to address the fact that she has refuted herself and stated in print that SHE DOES NOT BELIEVE HER SON EVEN HAS AUTISM. And although refuting the claim that vaccines contribute to autism was not the focus of this specific blog, I’ve provided numerous sources in previous blog entries that explain in detail why this is a myth. And I can provide more as well if you’d like:

    “From time to time, rumors circulate that thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative once used in several vaccines (and still used in some flu vaccine), could contribute to ASDs. However, valid scientific studies have shown there is no link. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Medical Association (AMA), the CDC, and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) agree that science does not support a link between thimerosal in vaccines and autism.” -American Academy of Pediatrics (http://www.aap.org/healthtopics/Immunizations.cfm)

    “The author concludes that recent studies have found no association between MMR vaccination and autism. The frequent embryologic neuroanatomic abnormalities found in children with autism lessen the likelihood that MMR immunization is a major risk factor. The Immunization Safety Review Committee of the Institute of Medicine and a special American Academy of Pediatrics panel have concluded that evidence does not support MMR immunization as a risk factor for autism.” -RICHARD SADOVSKY, M.D., American Academy of Family Physicians (http://www.aafp.org/afp/20020301/tips/14.html)

    “On May 18th, 2004, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released its eighth and final report from its Immunization Safety Review Committee. Based on a thorough review of clinical and epidemiological studies, neither the mercury-based vaccine preservative thimerosal nor the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine are associated with autism, says the new report. Furthermore, the hypotheses regarding how the MMR vaccine and thimerosal could trigger autism lack supporting evidence and are theoretical only. Further research to find the cause of autism should be directed toward other lines of inquiry that are supported by current knowledge and evidence and offer more promise for providing an answer, said the committee that wrote the report. The American Medical Association (AMA) lauds the process that went into the creation of this scientific report and applauds the IOM and the CDC for their strong efforts in continuing to ensure the safety of the vaccines that are administered in the United States through post-market surveillance and studies such as this.” -American Medical Association (http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/pub/category/13703.html

    “Some people believe increased exposure to thimerosal (from the addition of important new vaccines recommended for children) explains the higher prevalence in recent years. However, evidence from several studies examining trends in vaccine use and changes in autism frequency does not support such an association. Furthermore, a scientific review* by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) concluded that “the evidence favors rejection of a causal relationship between thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism.” CDC supports the IOM conclusion.” –Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (http://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/concerns/thimerosal.htm)

    “There is much debate regarding the correlation of childhood vaccines and the occurrence of autism in children. The weight of currently available scientific evidence does not support the hypothesis that vaccines cause autism. We recognize there is considerable public interest in this issue.” -U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Resources (http://www.hhs.gov/autism/)

    http://www.csicop.org/si/2007-06/novella.html – Neurologist critiques of Kirby

  3. […] Baby” campaign being promoted by the American Academy of Pediatrics and Every Child By Two, Amanda Peet, and others has unleashed the wrath of the “Green Vaccine” Movement including Jenny […]

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