News From Around The Blogosphere 7.23.08

American Family Association orders a Super-Sized McBoycott -These are the same guys who last Christmas boycotted Mrs. Field’s cookies because they switched from “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays” and boycotted Ford Motors for “promoting the gay agenda.” These guys are just pathetic. It’s also worth noting that the “news” website One News Now is a front for their propaganda. For a hate group, they’ve got such a friendly name. I’m reminded of the Sinclair Lewis quote: “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.”

Autism and Vaccines: Steven Novella’s response to David Kirby & Dr. Jon Poling -I know, I’ve been posting a lot on this issue but Novella’s response here is nothing short of brilliant. He also breaks down the history of this “controversy” really well for anyone not very familiar with it.

Women in India turning to internet for abortions -How did we ever survive without the internet? Now women from India can find do-it-yourself medication to end unwanted pregnancies.

The Myths About Organic Food -New column in The Independent about organic food. To quote blogger The Amateur Scientist: “Isn’t organic farming good for the environment? No, it actually requires more land than non-organic farming. Doesn’t organic farming refrain from using poisonous pesticides? No, it just uses natural pesticide chemicals, some of which can be more harmful than the evil artificial ones. Doesn’t organic food cost a lot more? Yes. Yes, it does.

American Family Association to strongarm PBS -Wow, 2 AFA stories in one day. These guys don’t kid around.

Olivia Judson’s New York Times article about ongoing examples of evolution -Nice article pointing out just a few examples of evolution that has occurred over just the past 40 years. Of course another notable example that wasn’t mentioned in the article was Richard Lenski’s E coli experiment.

Wiccan Accidentally Stabs Herself in Foot With Sword During Good Luck Ritual -That just says it all in the title now doesn’t it.

Creationists make up an award to honor themselves with: “I LOVE ME! I REALLY LOVE ME!” -Finally an award as worthless as Tom Cruise’s $cientology award and the Oscars.

And some science news:

Genetics Of White Horses Unraveled -An international team led by researchers at Uppsala University has now identified the mutation causing this spectacular trait and show that white horses carry an identical mutation that can be traced back to a common ancestor that lived thousands of years ago.

Origins Of Cancer: Rare Mutant Cells Glimpsed -MIT biological engineers have developed a new imaging system that allows them to see cells that have undergone a specific mutation.

Unique Fossil Shows Antarctic Once Much Warmer -A new fossil discovery- the first of its kind from the whole of the Antarctic continent- provides scientists with new evidence to support the theory that the polar region was once much warmer.


9 Responses to News From Around The Blogosphere 7.23.08

  1. Brenda says:

    The American Family Association is not a hate group, it is a group defending American’s rights to know what is going on when it directly affects us and our rights. It amazes me that any one would consider the AFA a hate group. I am amazed that people would falsely accuse the AFA of being a hate group especially when you obviously attack our rights to defend what we believe in isn’t that hate on your part? I don’t hate gays I hate what they are doing it is unnatural. Not only do gays publicly admit that they are gay, they shove it in our face and in our innocent children’s face.

  2. mjr256 says:

    Why are the AFA not a hate group? Because they “hate the sin and not the sinner?” Fine then. I don’t hate the AFA; I just hate fascism. If all they did was “defending American’s rights to know what is going on when it directly affects us and our rights” and promote their fascist politics I would merely criticize their stupid opinions. But they don’t just provide knowledge. They systematically organize political campaigns to change public policy that affects all of us. How is fighting to take away the rights of some Americans an act of defending America’s rights? You tell me how pushing the federal government to come into America’s bedroom sand tell all of us how we are and aren’t to act with our loved ones is defending America’s rights and is not fascism? You tell me how your life and freedoms are affected by what two gay men or women do in the privacy of their own home.

    And how has my taking advantage of my freedom of speech to voice my criticisms of the AFA attacking your rights or theirs? I’ve never attacked the AFA’s rights to publicly express their fascism, nor have I silenced your voice on this blog when I could have just as easily not approved your comment. You see, I don’t do that. I support free speech even when I don’t agree with it and think the people speaking are evil pricks. In fact, on another blog entry, I stated that I even supported Michael Savage’s right to continue working at his job after his repulsive, uninformed statements about autism. I feel people have every right to express their ideas no matter how stupid they are. So I fail to see how you can make the claim that I “obviously attack [your] rights to defend what [you] believe in isn’t that hate on your part?” No, I have not attacked your rights like the AFA has attacked the rights of gays, nor is my position an act of hate. Telling someone they;’re demonstrably wrong bluntly and unapologetically is not an act of hate.

    But maybe you’re right. How dare those gays admit they are gay and shove it in our faces! After all, it’s not like heterosexuals ever admit to their heterosexuality or shove their heterosexuality in the face of gays or their innocent gay children, right?

  3. Brenda says:

    You are telling me that the gay lifestyle does not directly affect Americans? How many diseases are out there now because of there lifestyle, that doesn’t affect other Americans? Gays actively try to push there agenda on other Americans. Gays cannot have children, if you were to put a bunch of gays on an island for life they would not survive how is that normal without heterosexual relationships?

  4. mjr256 says:

    Yes, that’s what I’m telling you. The only way it affects you is if they start getting tax breaks for legalized marriages, in which case it’ll only affect you as much as any heterosexual married couple. “How many diseases are out there now because of there lifestyle, that doesn’t affect other Americans? ” Zero. That’s not even one. And if by “agenda,” you mean pushing for the rights to be treated like everyone else, then you might be right about that. But since we’re all such big fans of “defending Amerca’s rights” I fail to see the problem with this. Lots of people cannot have children and lots of people simply choose not to have them. Does this mean they don’t have the same rights as everyone else? And your last point is a total non-sequitur. What does this have to do whether or not the AFA is justified to fighting to take away rights from gay Americans? And if you look at one of my posts from a few days ago, scientists have counted over 1500 species on the planet who engage in homosexual sex, so I fail to see how you can regard it as not “normal” whatever the hell that means.

  5. Brenda says:

    I’m sorry for your ignorance!

  6. Stefan Fobes says:

    Heh. Hey there, I noticed you put up an article saying the vaccine-autism link is false. Well, to keep it balanced, people should really read this, which I wrote in response to it, with the government’s own admissions about the mercury and its effects on the brain and body and the mainstream sources.

  7. mjr256 says:

    This would be a mischaracterization of this case. To quote Steven Novella, “The case was removed as a test case – it was not decided as a test case. The HSS agreed that “compensation was appropriate” – they specifically did not concede, as Dr. Poling implies, that vaccines were actually responsible for Hannah Poling’s autism. What the HHS did not do was rule that this case sets a precedent for any other case. It seems that Dr. Poling is suggesting that the Autism Omnibus cheated – they removed a case they knew would set a precedent they apparently did not want. But wasn’t the whole point of the test cases to be test cases?”

  8. […] blogged about this before here (AFA’s original press release here), and about their Hallmark boycott here, and about some of […]

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