News From Around The Blogosphere 7.25.08

A closer looks at alternative medicine’s 2 most recent epic failures -Steven Novella talks about doctors weighing the risks against the benefits of treatments. But if there is no benefit to the treatment because it is based upon pseudoscience, as in the recent cases of Dawn Page and quack Thuong Nguyen, then any risk is unacceptable.

Not all crazy astronauts run around in there space diapers -Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell says not only does he know for a fact that aliens do exist in the universe, but that they’ve been to Earth…a lot. Oh, and of course those pesky men in black working for the government. Wow, someone should make a movie about this or something. And why didn’t I see the Congress voting on the funding this initiative on C-SPAN? And where’s the evidence after 60 years? And why hasn’t the men in black killed Mitchell for leaking all this?

Baylor University president EXPELLED for not accepting creationism -Oh, sweet irony! But the cdesign proponentsists were after “academic freedom.” And didn’t Ben Stein say it was the creationists who were being oppressed?

Creationist Campaign to de-popularize Pro-Evolution videos -Oh, you kooky creationists and your dishonest methods!

1,500 animal species practice homosexuality–and love every minute of it -They’re deer. Their queer. Get used to it.

cdesign proponentsists manufacture threat to livelihood of the recipient of their insipid, bogus award -This wouldn’t be the first time (see: As of yet, no creationist can be found who’s actually lost their jobs from merely believing in their magical explanations. (And see: above story about Baylor University).

High School Atheist To Be Honored -Dawn Sherman is the 14-year-old activist who fought against the mandatory moment of silence law in Illinois and “got God banned from Homecoming.”

And now a mandatory moment of science:

Scientists Solve Aurora Borealis Mystery -NASA determined that the lights correspond to magnetic explosions caused by the stretching and retracting of the Earth’s magnetic field as we orbit the sun.


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