News From Around The Blogosphere 8.1.08

The cell phone made me do it – New study suggests a possible link between cell phone exposure & behavioral problems in kids. But before you throw your phone at Russell Crowe and go back to land lines, even the researchers admit that further research should be done and remind us that correlation does not necessarily equal causation.

Librarian responds to patron’s call for banning children’s book -The children’s book is about a kid fearing that she’ll lose her relationship with her uncle after he gets married. Sounds innocent enough. Oh yeah, did I mention the uncle was marrying another dude? Who wants to guess what the patron’s objection to the book was and what religion they belong to? Anyone?

Ear staples for weight loss -This has got to be one of the dumbest things the alternative medicine nuts have thought up yet…or at least since homeopathy. Bravo quacks. You get a tip of my hat.

Are Martian monkeys invading the Earth? -Oh man! This is one of the all time greatest pranks EVER! See people, exhausting more plausible explanations first can save you a lot of embarrassment. And seeing that creepy-looking thing in the jar makes me think of this little guy. Ain’t he cute?

Anthony Hopkins with his wife’s head in the freezer–sounds like a great movie -Only it’s no movie and it’s not the Anthony Hopkins you’re thinking of. And I think PZ Myers did a superb job of pointing out the inconsistency and outright absurdity of how pampered the religious are in our nation. It’s disgusting how respectful the police were to a child-raping murderer because of his position in the church.

A lesson in Sonic Hedgehog molecules–yes, that’s their real name.

Wheatgrass Juice -Not only does it taste awful but it’s not even healthy.

Rise of the Machines -This is phenomenally awesome! But I guess I’ll think differently when Skynet takes over or when they create The Matrix, or when the Cylons evolve and come up with a plan.

UFOlogist Keith Basterfield criticizes Ed Mitchell but sadly doesn’t doesn’t take his skepticism far enough.

George Carlin on Astrology -Carlin is a little off on the science but he’s more right than wrong here and still manages to deliver a crushing blow to Astrology.

Also, Carlin’s final album is being posthumously released on Tuesday.

Science, Reason, Ethics, and Modern Medicine, Part 4: Is “CAM” the only alternative? -This is an interesting ethical debate within the medical community worth checking out.

Reporter’s anti-vaccine bias exposed -Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News has been linked to “Generation Rescue.”

HHS proposes to limit birth control -Another depressing story of society bending over backwards to appease the religious right. A better solution to this whiny brat’s ethical dilemma: DO YOUR JOB!

Creationists review the latest anti-Darwin propaganda -Oo, I wonder if they liked it? The answer won’t surprise you.

And now for a moment of science:

Dust And Gas In The Early Universe -“Researchers believe that our universe began with the Big Bang about 13 billion years ago, and that soon after that event, matter began to form as small dust grains and gases.”


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