I’m officially coining this term now so please use it often.

Apparently, the CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) folks are sick and tired of people applying critical thinking to their “science” (despite science being a methodology for critical thinking) and have decided to follow the Conservapedia tactic of making their own biased alternative Wiki resource because of all that user bias on Wikipedia, Wiki4cam…cause clearly a site that is edited by everyone and has sections showing what the practitioners say AND a section showing what the critics say is clearly biased. Riiiight!

This is of course just another tactic to isolate their community from critics. Christian fundamentalists have done this not only with Conservapedia but they also have their own “alternative” (a fancy way of saying plagiarized version) to Myspace, HisHolySpace and their own “alternative” to YouTube, GodTube…all just lame attempts to keep their flock from being exposed to criticism. Just today I personally encountered a perfect example of this tactic by a CAM person, which I’ll probably discuss in tomorrow’s blog.


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  1. […] about acupuncture [rolling eyes]. He might have mentioned, which I talked about on yesterday’s blog but I hadn’t heard about that site until  later that day (yesterday) was I wasn’t […]

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