News From Around The Blogosphere 9.19.08

Fall of the doctor who said his vitamins would cure AIDS – Several days ago, I posted that Matthias Rath was forced to settle in his libel case against skeptic Ben Goldacre for articles he’d written in the Guardian. Goldacre and the Guardian were found by a court of law not to have committed libel because unfortunately for Rath, libel requires the accusations be false. Anyway, here’s a follow-up article in the Guardian as well as a video showing the atrocities that Rath has committed and will continue to commit unless he’s stopped. Also check out the related stories linked to on the sidebar.

The new leader of the ruling Kadima Party, Tzipi Livni, needs to put together a coalition government in order to become prime minister.

One of the parties she had to schedule coalition negotiations with is an ultra-Orthodox Jewish party run by an octogenarian rabbi, Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef:

Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef has describ[ed] the Holocaust as God’s retribution against the reincarnated souls of Jewish sinners. He said Katrina was punishment for godlessness in New Orleans and U.S. support for the Gaza pullout. And he once said that “walking between two women is like walking between two donkeys or between two camels.”

Because that’s who you want handling world affairs. It suddenly becomes clear why the Middle East is so chaotic.

2 weeks ago, I posted that has been banned in Turkey by Muslim creationists. Well now those Muslim creationists are trying to explain their side of the story. And well, not surprisingly their justifications suck.

Age of Autism blames MMR vaccines again despite the recent study totally debunking this claim. So what is it, guys? Thimerosal? MMR vaccines that don’t include thimerosal? Aluminum? Plastic? Fluoridation? Pick one already!

Also, Kim Stagliano of Age of Autism writes this gem of a blog where she decides once again to avoid providing any evidence that vaccines are not safe to ask, if vaccines are so safe, why does the public have to be constantly told they are safe? Well Kim, you can find the answer to that question by looking at the lying bitch in the mirror.

Lifeway Christian Bookstores is pulling this magazine from its shelves because of something wrong on the cover. Here’s a little test of your critical thinking skills. What’s wrong with this magazine cover? (aside from the fact that there is an actual magazine called “Gospel Today”):

If you said, “Women pastors?! WHAT?! That’s blasphemy!” then you win!

Testing Near-Death Experiences

Pitfalls in Regulating Physicians – This might explain why Dr. Rashid Buttar is not in jail.


Age of Autism learns(?) a valuable lesson about libel and that you can’t just go around making serious conspiracy accusations about anyone you dislike – Yesterday I posted about Julia Berle’s repulsive whining accusations against CBS because they didn’t air an episode of the show “The Doctors” which featured her as a guest. Well, Age of Autism has taken down that post and replaced it with a message indicating the 2 major assumptions she made that turned out to be WRONG! I hope Ms. Berle and her fellow AoA goons have learned a valuable lesson about not jumping to paranoid conclusions first. Oh, who am I kidding? They haven’t learned a damned thing and will continue their irresponsible and childish behavior. Apparently CBS was pissed at all the calls they received about this, leading AoA to ask its readers:

Please refrain from any emails or phone calls to CBS about this matter.”

My request: Please email and call CBS complaining about the pulling of the show while accusing CBS of being part of the Big Pharma conspiracy. And tell them Age of Autism’s Julia Berle and Kim Stagliano sent you.

Avast, me hearties! It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrr!!!


Many New Species Found On Australian Reefs – “Hundreds of new kinds of animal species surprised international researchers systematically exploring waters off two islands on the Great Barrier Reef and a reef off northwestern Australia — waters long familiar to divers. “

GM Crops Protect Neighbors From Pests? – “A study in northern China indicates that genetically modified cotton, altered to express the insecticide, Bt, not only reduces pest populations among those crops, but also reduces pests among other nearby crops that have not been modified with Bt. These findings could offer promising new ideas for controlling pests and maximizing crop yields in the future.”

‘Green Gasoline’ Converted From Sugar – “Following independent paths of investigation, two research teams are announcing this month that they have successfully converted sugar-potentially derived from agricultural waste and non-food plants-into gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and a range of other valuable chemicals.”


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