News From Around The Blogosphere 9.28.08

It’s Pulpit Freedom Sunday! Yea! – As you might recall, I previously blogged about a group of religious organizations that planned this to be the day they preached from the pulpit to tell their parishioners who to vote for, deliberately violating the rules that afford them tax exempt status. I don’t know whether they went through with it or not but I hope a whole lot of them did. We sure could use the tax money about now.

Oops, this photo is actually of the Hitler Youth. My mistake.

Congress takes time to support discriminatory organization – Yeah, apparently in the mists of one of the greatest financial crises in U.S. history, Congress deciding to pass a bill to spend money on the mostly Mormon-controlled, anti-atheist and anti-gay Boy Scouts of America, approving The Boy Scouts of America Centennial Commemorative Coin Act:

“The bill mandates that the U.S. Mint create and sell as many as 350,000 one dollar coins commemorating the Scouts’ centennial in the year 2010. A ten dollar surcharge on each coin goes directly to the Boy Scouts of America, who will net as much as $3.5 million in the deal.”

Who had the courage to vote against the bill?

Lynn Woolsey [D – CA]
Barbara Lee [D – CA]
Pete Stark [D – CA]
Luis Gutierrez [D – IL]
Barney Frank [D – MA]
Dennis Kucinich [D – OH]
James McDermott [D – WA]
Tammy Baldwin [D – WI]

I wonder when the The Ku Klux Klan of America Centennial Commemorative Coin Act will pass.

When anti-vaccinationists resemble creationists in their level of delusion – Here, Age of Autism flat-out denies and ridicules a legitimate scientific study concerning autism without knowing anything about it beyond a single news article simply because while it doesn’t directly state that autism is genetic, it indirectly springs from that premise (because autism beyond any reasonable doubt is caused by genetic factors). Politically, AoA can’t embrace this study because of its foundational premise and so what else can they do but just mock it and once again callously accuse those in involved of being evil paid-off conspirators without the slightest bit of evidence to back up the accusation or the slightest hesitation or remorse for their despicable, repulsive behavior? Apparently they did not learn their lesson from the incident where they had to eat their words after falsely accusing CBS of being in the evil conspiracy against them.

The Harm In Astrology

I just read this credulous article in Parade Magazine that endorsed Acupuncture. I’m planning on writing to Parade to demand a correction be made.

The Mentalist (Update) – I have finally watched the pilot episode of The Mentalist. My thoughts are as follows: I love, love, LOVE the skeptical stuff in the show and it was even more prominent than I expected, even going as far as to show the audience how a popular “telekinetic” trick is done and the writers clearly establishing the main character as an atheist too right away. I believe it took it took a number of episodes before that happened on House and seasons before the writers outed Dr. Cox on Scrubs as an atheist. So big points for that. BUT, that being said, much of the rest of show has the misfortune of being a procedural cop show, which I happen to be in the minority in thinking is the most boring genre on television next to the medical dramas, legal dramas, and unscripted programs. The skepticism will keep me tuned in for awhile but if that ever takes a significant back seat to other aspects my interest in the show would fade fast.

Sarah Palin humor:


Rock Fracture ‘Plumbing’ Found On Mars – “NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has revealed hundreds of small fractures exposed on the Martian surface that billions of years ago directed flows of water through underground Martian sandstone.”

I just discovered a huge spike in visitor traffic to my 9.14.08 blog simply because the word “porn” was used in it, so let’s try that again and see what happens: PORN !

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