News From Around The Blogosphere 10.30.08

Even with an all-powerful god on their side, Christians are still afraid of a little girl, and they’re still no match for one with a rational mind.

Despite their “faith” in their teachings and the absolute power of their god to control the universe, they feel threatened by chocolate sculptures and teenage girls with YouTube accounts. A strong belief system should value skepticism because it tests one’s faith, which leads to stronger faith when that belief is verifiable as the truth. Only false prophets, teaching a weak faith, fear the questioning of that faith, because they know they might be wrong.

Has a psychic stopped Stop Sylvia Browne? – Robert Lancaster’s great website exposing the truth about sham psychic Sylvia Browne seems to have been hijacked by a psychic. It’s a shame. The site partially inspired Stop Jenny, at least in name.

And speaking of despicable, lying sacks of shit, here’s a great parody:

Religious Conservatives are still selling the lie – A church in Harlan, Indiana decided to post this sign for all to see:

The excuse?

“All I done was ask a question! I did not implicate anybody or anything, any party. I didn’t do anything,” said the official who wished to remain anonymous.

Riiight! Meanwhile, Victoria Jackson — the anti-Julia Sweeney — writes this on her website:

You see, what bothers me most, besides being a Communist, and a racist (Obama writes in his book, From Dreams of My Father, “I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and and animosity against my (white) mother’s race.”) (Obama’s “religion” of the last 20 years is Black Liberation Theology. What is that? “It is simply Marxism dressed up in Christian rhetoric. But unlike traditional Marxism, Black Liberation Theology emphasizes race rather than class. It’s leading theorist is James Cone who says Jesus was black, African-Americans are the chosen people, and whites are the devil. Cone says, “What we need is the destruction of whiteness, which is the source of human misery in the world.” The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor), is that he is a LIAR. He pretends to be a Christian and he incriminates himself everytime he speaks about Christianity. To lie about being a believer in Christ is very dangerous. Lightning could strike him at any minute! But seriously, he doesn’t have a clue what the Bible says and yet he pretends to be a church- going Christian to win votes. That is sooooo evil.

And speaking of Obama, even when he’s making an attack ad, Obama keeps it clean:

10 things you don’t know about black holes

Knowledge Versus Expertise

“The internet, in democratizing knowledge, has led a lot of people to believe that it is also possible to democratize expertise.”

The Cyprus Serpent -On the island of Cyprus people are frantically searching for their very own Loch Ness Monster, a sea creature reportedly roaming the depths near the Kouris Dam. Of course there’s nothing but anecdotal evidence for the creature’s existence, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.


Immune System Causes Common Cold Symptoms – “A University of Calgary scientist confirms that it is how our immune system responds, not the rhinovirus itself, that causes cold symptoms. Of more than 100 different viruses that can cause the common cold, human rhinoviruses are the major cause.”

Real Robinson Crusoe: Evidence Of Island Camp – “Cast away on a desert island, surviving on what nature alone can provide, praying for rescue but fearing the sight of a boat on the horizon. These are the imaginative creations of Daniel Defoe in his famous novel Robinson Crusoe. Yet the story is believed to be based on the real-life experience of sailor Alexander Selkirk, marooned in 1704 on a small tropical island in the Pacific for more than four years, and now archaeological evidence has been found to support contemporary records of his existence on the island.” So that’s where Locke took the island!

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