Behind the scenes of Dole’s infamous “Godless Ad”

Behind the scenes of Elizabeth Dole’s infamous “Godless Ad” against Kay HaganRob Christensen of The Charlotte Observer has a behind-the-scenes look at how that ad came to be. I think Friendly Atheist summed it up nicely:

But the point we need to remember is this: The ad was a calculated smear attempt against Hagan. The Dole campaign didn’t actually care that Hagan met with atheists. They weren’t offended and they certainly didn’t find it immoral or wrong. They just saw it as an easy way to manipulate voters into thinking she was a bad representative for them.

Fortunately, for whatever reason this desperate and slimy tactic didn’t work, just like the equally slimy attacks on Obama’s character employed by Team McCain didn’t work. I’d like to believe this is a sign that the American people are wising up to these despicable ad hominem attacks but somehow I doubt it, especially since yesterday I heard some of my parents’ friends dismissing the insane costs of Sarah Palin’s wardrobe in addition to McCain’s campaign spending while chastising Obama for having the audacity of spending the money donated to his campaign actually on his campaign instead of giving to charity or whatever.


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