Airbourne has lost an engine but still hasn’t been grounded

Airborne makers paying out another $7 million for lying -As I blogged a few months ago, they already agreed to pay $30 million in a settlement with the FTC earlier this year partially thanks to a Commissioner Thomas Rosch, who by sheer coincidence happens to share my family name:

While the company admitted no wrongdoing, under the settlement, Airborne Health Inc. will discontinue any claims about the “health benefit, performance, efficacy or safety” of its supplements in preventing and treating colds and other ailments.

It’s a start but of course $7 million is just a drop in the bucket for these quacks and they’re product is already a household name for cold relief, so who really reads the box anyway. It’s like when they added the skull and crossbones on cigarette cartons. Did that really deter many people?

Pamela Gay discussing Airbourne at about the 2:20 mark on this video:

2 Responses to Airbourne has lost an engine but still hasn’t been grounded

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