I Heart Steve Novella

Steve Novella has been debating creationist neurosurgeon Michael Egnor of the creationists “think” tank the Discovery Institute over the materialist versus dualist model brain for the better part of year. And in that time Steve has tryied to explain to this accomplished doctor logic that even the average 8-year-old is capable of grasping.

But to no avail. Egnor has continued to deny and deny and deny the most basic principles of science and reason, all the while Steve’s rebuttals have been getting more and more devastating. But I think this battle of wit versus witless may have finally come to any end. Steve has totally knocked Egnor on his anti-materialist ass in his latest rebuttal. It’s a work of art. At this point I just really can’t even imagine why Steve would even bother to continue. Egnor is the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, insisting the battle isn’t over yet after each of his limbs have been cut off. Egnor is now left with only his head and a small portion of what used to be his torso.

Steve says this is an example of casuistry, which means:

Specious or excessively subtle reasoning intended to rationalize or mislead.

I just call it an epic fail.

[UPDATE: Steve will be on NPR tomorrow 1/16 at 9:30am EST discussing this issue. Michael Egnor may also be on]






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