Vatican–friends to Holocaust Deniers, enemies to feminists

female-submissionJust last week the Pope un-excommunicated a Holocaust Denier. And yet now I come across this story from last month about them excommunicating a man, Maryknoll Fr. Roy Bourgeois, for. . .

. . .refusing to disavow his belief that God calls women to the priesthood.

THAT MONSTER! So what else does this demonic beast believe?

“Women have such gifts, such compassion, such wisdom, which we need if the church is to be vibrant,” Bourgeois said. He believes it’s unconscionable for the hierarchy to reject their call, especially when churches are being closed and the number of priests is constantly shrinking.

Now that’s going too far! As every Catholic knows, the only good woman is a woman being burned at the stake. . .and Mary Magdeline because she put out for god.

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