Religion: the source of female oppression for over 2000 years

female-submissionThis stuff really makes me sick. It’s absolutely tragic to see people become so deluded that they passionately fight against their own interests. Such is the case with Martha Peace. Don’t let the name fool you. She’s actually advocating against women’s rights and for all women to return to Pleasantville.

She wants to put women in their place and help them understand their priorities. What are those priorities?

Those priorities may include rising early to feed the family, being available anytime to satisfy a husband’s desires (barring a few “ungodly” or “homosexual” acts), seeking his approval regarding work, appearance, and leisure, and accepting that he has the “burden” of final say in arguments. After a wife has respectfully appealed her spouse’s decision—a privilege she should not abuse—she must accept his final answer as “God’s will for her at that time,” Peace advises. The godly wife must also suppress selfish desires (for romance, a career, an equitable marriage), practice addressing her spouse in soothing tones, and maintain a private log of bitter thoughts to guide her repentance. “If you disobey your husband,” Peace admonishes in The Excellent Wife, “you are indirectly shaking your fist at God.”

It’s funny that the same day I came across this article, I also saw this tragic video by a Muslim girl.

This is the evil that is religion. Orwell perfectly summed up this form of brainwashing:

Freedom Is Slavery

2 Responses to Religion: the source of female oppression for over 2000 years

  1. Yasir Imran says:

    No you are totally wrong, you need to check this article at my blog.
    “The Status of Women before and After Islam”

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