Matthew Nisbet not happy with how he’s being ‘framed’

I first heard of Matthew Nisbet when he was a guest on, I think, the Point of Inquiry podcast. Like Randy Olson, Nisbet is constantly insisting that in order to challenge creationism, science must deceptiv–err, I mean “frame” its arguments to ensure not to  alienate or offend anyone, not like those contempable “New Atheists” like Richard Dawkins who has the audacity to criticize the irrational and unscientific positions of religion without first consulting with a focus group or kissing anyone’s ass. Yet according to him, while Dawkins is too “angry”, the fictional Dr. House meets with his approval. Ya got me.

Nisbet is a very controversial figure among the atheist and skeptical communities because he preaches for a watered down approach to challenging religion that seems to involve not telling the religious they’re wrong when they are in fact wrong and instead telling them simply that science and religion are compatible regardless of what is true just because it doesn’t offend anyone. Well now Russel Blackford has written an ironic blog that “praises” Nisbet for his science by focus group position. Nisbet has himself responded on the comments section of that blog and Jerry Coyne’s blog. Blackford has already written a comment response to Nisbet’s that is definitely worth reading.

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