Steve Harvey: Anti-atheist bigot

i_dont_want_youWatch starting at the 5:57 mark:

And the transcript:

You need to get into some personal stuff: What’s his relationship with his mom? How does he feel about children? Does he have a relationship with God?

You sitting up there talking to a dude and he tells you he’s an atheist, you need to pack it up and go home. You talking to a person who don’t believe in God… what’s his moral barometer? Where’s it at? It’s nowhere. You gotta get into this stuff.

What a fucktard! He is actually saying that 15% of America has no morals at all. What’s amazing to me is that this kind of blatant bigotry is so acceptable in our society. Stating that a whole group of people has no morals is, by my standards, a far greater insult than if someone had called him a nigger or called a gay man a faggot. This ignorant fool has no understanding of human psychology at all and yet presumes to call himself a “relationship experts.” What a joke.

4 Responses to Steve Harvey: Anti-atheist bigot

  1. Marjorie says:

    I doubt I will ever meet a religious person who can equal my moral character.

    95% of scientists are not religious, while more than 95% of criminals are.

    Mr. Harvey’s comment is kind of like me stating the entire Harvey family smells bad. How would they begin to counteract that statement? (And why can’t they just bathe regularly?)

    I don’t mean that literally (of course). My point is, when you have a public forum, you can say just about anything you like. You demonstrate what kind of person you are by what you do say. When those things are discriminatory and inflammatory, not to mention without any factual basis whatsoever, you’ve just proved what kind of person you are.

    Mr. Harvey’s remarks only provide more evidence that I will likely never meet a religious person who can match my moral character.

    • prag matic says:


      So you say you are moral, more moral then 95% of the “religious” people you have met. Well how moral one is, such is based upon the measure of how others perceive you and like a nick name, is not self bestowed. Most people including many criminals THINK they are moral. That you say you are more moral then 95% of the “religious” people you have met means nothing other then you need to get out more.

      What defines “religious” in your view? The label “religious” is a buzz word that in fact means little. One could worship the fabled Spaghetti monster god and thus be “religious”.

      What are you sources that offer proof that 95% of your so called “scientists” are not “religious” yet 95% of your so called “criminals” are “religious” ?

      By the way, quoting blogs by the whiny followers of the religion of Atheism do not meet the standards of proof.

  2. Dan D says:

    Mr. Harvey’s regards aetheist as idiots? Let’s look at the record:

    1) The World was created in 7 days?
    2) Two white people (Adam & Eve) populated the world?
    3) An Imaculte Inception?
    4) Baby Moses floating down the Nile River in a basket? I do not think a baby in basket survives that trip?
    5) A trip to heaven on a horse?
    6) Holy War?
    7) The Crusade?
    8) Relegious Genoicide?

    Okay, Mr. Harvey who is the idiot? If you need a bible for a moral compass considering all the death and destruction done in its name, then maybe you should be an aetheist too.

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