“Burn the books!”

You know, I could have sworn I’d included this video in a previous blog but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Somehow I managed to never get around to it. But oh man is it worth watching, particularly beginning at the 4:42 mark, where you can actually see the moment conspiracy rants  transform into mass hysteria 1 step away from a mob of angry villagers with pitch forks:

One Response to “Burn the books!”

  1. PJ the Evil Atheist says:

    wow, this again seems to be a combination of conspiracy theorists and right wing Christians! The woman elaborated on what books to burn and it was “That evolution crap” I’m just getting sick of how ignorant our country seems to be. Some polls show that as many as 58% of Americans do not believe in evolution. I really am disappointed in that figure.

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