Bible burning: I called it!

Two weeks ago, I blogged about the very poor decision on our military’s part to respond to the exposing of Christian proselytizing in Afghanistan by burning the Bibles that were sent to one soldier by his church back home. I responded by saying that as incredibly stupid as it was for Christian proselytizing to be going on in the first place, the response is almost equally bad. I continued by saying:

First of all, I fail to see how that is helpful. If anything, it’s just going to lead to a backlash of conservative media personalities like Bill O-Reilly using this as an example of liberals going too far, yada, yada, yada. And second of all, the Bibles didn’t do anything wrong; they’re inanimate objects. It’s the soldier who need to be punished. If there is no official policy, I think there should be:  The United States of America DOES NOT BURN BOOKS!

Well guess what happened. Yup, surprise, surprise. The Bible burning has led to at least partially legitimate criticism by the Christians back home.

In the video, LT. Col. Robert Maginnis argues my same point:

“There was no need to burn the Bibles. They could have been shipped back.”

And the excuse the military gave for why they couldn’t just send them back was so lame, that the church that sent them originally would just send them to another organization. Well then why not simply confiscate the Bibles as contraband? It’s a perfectly legitimate charge and prevents the same Bibles from getting re-shipped to Afghanistan.

And why not charge a hefty fine to the church for promoting illegal religious proselytizing in the armed forces, because of course burning the Bibles doesn’t prevent the same church from sending another bunch of new Bibles to Afghanistan whereas a hefty fine might discourage such actions?

This was just an epic failure on the part of the U.S. military and will, as I said before, give ammunition to Christian fundamentalists playing the persecution card.

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