Atheist Bus Campaign stops in NYC!

Finally, after almost every other place on Earth has put up some for of atheist advertising or as I call it, “athvertising,” the Atheist Bus Campaign hits New York City, thanks to the NYC Atheists:

This month, some two dozen buses will roll through Manhattan, debuting our 12-foot long, three foot high message, “You don’t have to believe in god to be a moral or ethical person”. Look for the signs the first day our buses maneuver through the city in late June.

I’m happy they went with one of the non-offensive slogans.

NYC Atheists is sponsoring the ads and you can help them offset costs by contributing to the ad fund.

2 Responses to Atheist Bus Campaign stops in NYC!

  1. Atheist says:

    Our bus stop is on the York Road just between Lloyds Bank and County Hall. Atheist

  2. […] clip linked above, Keith-O declares that the anonymous donor largely responsible for getting the Atheist Bus Campaign ads in NYC is the third worst person in the world. And why does Keith-O think they’re so terrible, […]

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