Black hole created by Israeli scientists

Israeli scientists have created a black hole capable of sucking in sound:

Using Bose-Einstein condensates, the scientists created a black hole for sound. The new research could help scientists learn more about true black holes and help confirm the existence of as-yet to be discovered Hawking radiation.

“It’s like a black hole because waves get sucked in and can’t escape,” said Jeff Steinhauer, a scientist at the Israel Institute of Technology and the corresponding author of the article recently posted on the pre-print Web page. “But in this case we use sound waves instead of light.”

That is so freakin’ coll it’s not even funny.

To create the sonic black hole, the scientists first had to create the Bose-Einstein condensate, a cloud of atoms cooled to almost absolute zero that acts like a light wave. The Israeli scientists actually created two clouds of rubidium 87 atoms cooled to 50 nano Kelvins and separated by a small gap.

Of course! It’s so simple. Why didn’t I think of doing that?

Maybe they can use it to finally get the cone of silence to work.


3 Responses to Black hole created by Israeli scientists

  1. Lurker111 says:

    You are dating yourself! How many here do you think will understand the “cone of silence” reference?

    Da-da-daaaa-dah! Da-da-daaaa-dah!

    Sorry about that, Chief!

  2. mjr256 says:

    Eh, it’s fine. There was a cone of silence in the recent movie version and I’m not even old enough to have watched the show when it originally aired.

  3. Lurker111 says:

    Personally I prefer “Hover Cover.” 🙂

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