Pledge to support John Travolta should he escape Scientology

Yesterday, when I blogged about the very telling $cientology document that leaked on the intertubes, I ended with a brief link to a tabloid article suggesting The cult’s number 2 (hehe) celebrity member John Travolta has become a grief stricken, late-night-golf-cart-driving, reclusive wreck ever since the tragic loss of his possibly autistic son Jett back in early January.  The rumors that are flying around are that, as I pondered back in January, the traumatic loss of Jett Travolta might push one if not both Travolta parents to escape $cientology based on the cult’s denial of autism and mental illness in general. Although unclear since $cientology arranged to have Jett cremated very, very quickly after his death, it’s possible the very anti-seizure medication $cientology convinced the Travolta’s to take Jett off of could have saved his life.

Well, so far there are no confirmed reports from the family that there’s any truth to these rumors. But if it’s true and John Travolta is considering leaving, the negative consequences of his departure will likely be great thanks to $cientology’s standard operating procedure to expose all the dirty, little secrets that their members were forced to confess to during the many, many hours of “auditing.” The cult keeps detailed records of these confessions so that they can use the information against those wanting to leave in order to blackmail them into staying in the cult.

But should John Travolta decide to leave, he won’t be on his own. A website has gone up calling on people to pledge to stand by him after he’s out, It’s OK, John – we’ll back you, especially if you stand up and expose the cult for what it really is, helping to ensure $cientology can’t destroy any other lives.


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