News From The Blogosphere 7.28.09

1. Creation “Museum” fears the godless – For weeks now, PZ Myers the Secular Student Alliance (SSA) have been organizing a giant trip to the Creation “Museum.” The number of people planning to attend is currently 240 and counting. 240 godless heathens converging on them? Mark Looy, the Chief Communications Officer at the “museum” is scared, so scared he sent PZ and the SSA a hilarious message telling them to behave.

2. Is the Kendle a tool of Big Brother? – I must have been out of the loop on this one because I’d never heard of this conspiracy theory until my brother told me about it over the phone last week. The story goes that Amazon removed downloaded copies of George Orwell’s 1984 from Kindle devices. This is of course seen as some conspiracy. But of course, as with most other conspiracy claims, there’s a far more benign explanation:

Far from being some kind of shadowy government conspiracy to extinguish the truth of an anti-establishment book you can easily pick up for a couple of quarters at a high school library rummage sale, this was a simple legal issue. Somehow, Amazon sold Kindle copies of 1984 from publishers who didn’t have the right to print the book. It was stupid (I feel like Barack Obama here…) of them to simply go into people’s Kindles through the wireless modem and delete the things, but they did give everyone’s money back. And you can still buy an authorized copy if you want. In other words, this is a non-issue. Though I suppose nothing can convince Kindle Truthers that this wasn’t an inside job.


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