Obama Birthers are on the run

One of the more ridiculous conspiracy theories that’s developed over the past year is the claim that Obama was not born in the United States and is therefore, because he’s not a natural born American citizen, not eligible to be president. This myth is most widely being circulated among the far Right fringe. How nuts are these people? So nuts that even Ann Coulter thinks they’re nuts. Just let that one sink in for a moment. These “Birthers” are too crazy for Ann Coulter. Yeah.

And of course it doesn’t seem to matter that they’ve been shown both legal documents verifying Obama was born in Hawaii and original copies of the very Hawaiian newspaper that contained his birth announcement. Nor does it matter to them that few Americans probably still have the original copy of their birth certificate. Like any conspiracy nut, no amount of evidence is sufficient and they’re continue to deny facts even while someone is holding up the evidence right to their face, as Chris Matthews did.

But now it seems that a whole bunch of Republican at the capitol are either buying into this crap or are too afraid of losing the far right wing vote to denounce it as garbage, opting instead to run from the question. And in some cases, as this video shows, they literally run from the question:

These people are freakin’ nuts!


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