More Scientology defectors report abuse

A little over a month ago, I blogged about the St. Petersburg Times’ investigation into $cientology. At that time, “the church’s” was pissed off that they had the audacity to report what the serious accusations of 3 former members and wrote the publication an angry letter telling them what evil Hitlers those former members were. And the St. Petersburg Times decided to publish that letter in all its hilarious glory.

Now the St. Petersburg Times has reported more accusations against $cientology by more former members.

Jackie Wolff wept as she recalled the chaotic night she was ordered to stand at a microphone in the mess hall and confess her “crimes” in front of 300 fellow workers, many jeering and heckling her.

Gary Morehead dredged up his recollection of Scientology leader David Miscavige punishing venerable church leaders by forcing them to live out of tents for days, wash with a garden hose and use an open latrine.

Steve Hall replayed his memory of a meeting when Miscavige grabbed the heads of two church executives and knocked them together. One came away with a bloody ear.

Mark Fisher remembered precisely what he told Miscavige after the punches stopped and Fisher touched his head, looked at his palm and saw blood.

And of course you can predict $cientology’s response:  denial, denial, denial. Spokesperson Tommy Davis is calling these guys all liars who are just pissed that they were thrown out of “the church.” Yeah right, Tommy! $cientology never met a dollar it wouldn’t happily add to its bank account. The only way one ever gets kicked out is when they’ve given all their money away and are unwilling to become a slave to “the church.” But given the miracles promised by $cientology, I find it kinda hard to believe anyone would rock the boat so much as to get kicked out and when be so evil as to discourage others from achieving all the amazing things $cientology claims it has to offer.

The church provided the Times two dozen written declarations from current and former church executives and staffers. Referring to those statements, Davis said: “You have been provided with volumes of evidence to show that your original sources are delusionary, bitter and dishonest; your new sources are more of the same.”

Pay attention everyone. This is how $cientology treats its members, with betrayal if you don’t play ball.

I can’t wait until Davis blows. On that day, I’ll just laugh and laugh. Then of course, I’ll support him as another victim of this cult.


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