Jesse Ventura – The body of woo

I used to like Jesse Ventura. When he was a governor, I respected much of what he stood for. He wasn’t like most politicians. Kind of like Independent candidate Kinky Friedman in Texas, Ventura was a no-nonsense guy who wasn’t afraid to tell other politicians how he really felt (usually calling them out on their bullshit bluntly and unapologetically). He rarely if ever wore a tie and didn’t seem worried about re-election. If he pissed people off, oh well. Further, he captured our imaginations, allowing us to picture a world where politicians were brutally honest and actually had integrity.

However, when I look at Ventura today, all I see is another wacko conspiracy theorist who denies an overwhelming amount of historical evidence in order to propagate his absurd belief that 9/11 was “an inside job” and so was the Kennedy assassination.

And now, the folks at “truTV” (gotta laugh at the irony) has decided to give Ventura his own show, a show that will be specifically focused on promoting his looney beliefs. Ventura will host “Conspiracy Theories with Jesse Ventura.” Now I’ve worked for “truTV” myself in the past. It’s what used to be called CourtTV. Now it’s just another cesspool so-called “reality television,” light on the reality and heavy on the low-budget, unscripted crap.

Fortunately, the network’s only purchased seven episodes, which isn’t a lot of time for Ventura to build an audience unless the show is heavily promoted. After seven episodes of “The Body” teaching us history the evil historians don’t want you to know, maybe the network will follow it up with a reality show where Paris Hilton teaches us physics or Octomom teaches us math.


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