New Iowa nickname – the easily offended state

Once again, atheists are having their incredibly unoffensive ads censored on the charge that they’re too offensive. This time it’s in Iowa. And once again, what is this obscene ad that has Iowans (Iowans? Iowaians? Iowaese?) so deeply offended to their core?

That’s right. Once again it’s the slogan, “Don’t believe in God? You are not alone.”


Really Iowa? This is where you’re drawing the line? Seriously? And not only were the already purchased ads pulled from city buses but Governor Chet Culver announced that he was “disturbed, personally” by them. Seriously, why would anyone want such a pussy to be their governor. If you can’t even stand a sign asking people if they don’t believe in gods, why should I believe this man can handle decisions about the economy?

It’s fuckin’ absurd! And I hope these assholes get slapped with a discrimination suit so big they’re think they’re Job. If it were merely about bus companies afraid to lose business because of offensive ads, that would be one thing. But we all know far more offensive ads than this appear on the sides of buses every day without any significant loss of business. Far more offensive ads and billboards are allowed to go up all the time when they’re from religious groups.

censorship-is-un-americanAnd it infuriates me to no end that I only see fellow atheists standing up against this injustice. This isn’t just anti-atheist. This is anti-freedom and it’s un-American. There is no law in the U.S. protecting individuals from being offended. Obscenity law is vague and its rulings are constantly overturned.

This highlights one of the many ways in which religion itself conflicts with American values. Not only are religious dogmas totalitarian from the core as they demand strict obediance to a great dictactor with absolute power who allegedly watches your every move, but their doctrines insist they’re always right while everyone who disagrees must be wrong, if not immoral.

Religions like Christianity cannot tolerate dissenting views because as long as just one person disagrees with them, that person is a threat to their entire brainwashed, fascist beliefs. How incredibly sad these individuals are, that mere disagreement offends and disturbs their narrow-minded, bigoted little ideology. And its this fragility that will ultimately bring down this house of cards called religion.


5 Responses to New Iowa nickname – the easily offended state

  1. selenejamall says:

    Well said! Thank you for pointing this out- Iowa has shown themselves to be wimpy! I would call them narrow minded except that they have legalized gay marriage when most other states haven’t.

  2. mjr256 says:

    Yeah, hard to believe that happened with governors like Chet Culver in office.

  3. Mark P says:

    “Religions like Christianity cannot tolerate dissenting views because as long as just one person disagrees with them, that person is a threat to their entire brainwashed, fascist beliefs”

    What a load of crap! Once again you insistently refuse to believe that there are moderate Christians in the world. I know loads of Christians who can tolerate dissenting views. They don’t shout as loudly as the fuck-wits, but they exist all the same.

    The USA is overrun with religious dogmatists, yes. But that seems to be more about your collective tendency to dogmatism than about religion.

    It is also incredibly rude to label all people “fascist” who have some relationship with a group that not agree with you. Many Christians living today fought the Nazis, and would do it again in a flash.

    I think you are right that these people complaining are retards who cannot take even the slightest disagreement, but don’t fall to their depths. Stick to criticizing the actual guilty and stick to using correct labels. Otherwise you are as bad as they are.

  4. mjr256 says:

    “I know loads of Christians who can tolerate dissenting views.”
    Well, do you know any in Iowa, because maybe then it wouldn’t just be atheists defending the atheists’ freedom of speech.

    Of course there are religious moderates and know plenty of them myself, but the god of the Bible is not a moderate. A moderate Christian is basically a Christian who doesn’t really follow what the Bible says, so by that standard, they’re not much more a Christian than I am. However, well over 50% of America is evangelical, as in not moderate. And they’re fucking things up for everyone while the moderates more or less put their fingers in their ears singing la, la, la, while it happens and ask why we all can’t just get along. But there’s no getting along with a group of people who have made it their mission to be the proud, obedient slaves of an imaginary creature that demands they squash all dissent.

    Religion is divisive, irrational, and dogmatic by nature. And just because the religious have evolved to include some more liberal sects, that doesn’t change its nature. As long as you still have large groups of people willing to believe things just because some guy in a funny hat and ancient book told them to–and as long as you still have people insisting they’re special because they’ve embraced some ancient knowledge that can’t be demonstrably proven to be true–we’ll continue to see this primitive superstitious tribalism play out in our modern world.

    There is nothing dogmatic about demanding the people making decisions that affect all of us do so for good reasons and not according to their personal prejudices.

    I wasn’t calling all people affiliated with groups I don’t agree with “fascists.” That’s a ridiculous straw man. I don’t agree with liberatarians either, but I probably wouldn’t call them fascists. But perhaps you’re right and “fascist” was an inaccurate term. I was being generous, as the more accurate terms would likely cause greater offense.

    “Otherwise you are as bad as they are.”
    Really? Calling people bad names is as bad as curtailing their freedom of speech? I’m going to have to disagree with you there. I have zero objection to Governor Culver putting up his own bus ad calling me every mean name in the book; all I demand is the equal right to do the same or not, should I be so inclined. In fact, if someone else were to try and censor this hypothetical anti-atheist ad, I’d be right there fighting for his right to keep it up.

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