Atheists expelled from Creation ‘Museum’

I first heard of PZ Myers when he became known for being the man who was literally expelled from a screening of the creationist mockumentary Expelled. . .despite not doing anything wrong and actually being one of the stars in the film.

Now he can add being expelled from the Creation “Museum” to his resume. Well, actually he wasn’t expelled; it was an atheist he was with that was expelled from the “museum” and another atheist he was with that was harrassed by the “museum’s” security staff.

It all began several weeks ago with PZ Myers along with the Secular Student Alliance (SSA) decided to organize a mass group of atheists, scientists, and other secular thinkers to all visit the Creation “Museum” together to see for themselves what they’ve been criticizing and, I imagine, to draw media attention to the affair. And they certainly got the attention of ABC.  At last count, I know there were 240 people planning on joining them. And the number had probably grown since then.

Of course the Creation “Museum” officials were getting worried and wrote to Myers and the SSA warning them against misbehaving. . .as if they had any reason to think those attending this event would misbehave. That letter can be read on the link just above. And according to Myers and at least one of my other sources that attended, aside from joking to each other about the ridiculous nonsense in the “museum”, no one misbehaved.But that didn’t seem to stop “museum” officials from harassing individuals and eventually kicking a few people out of the “museum” for non-existent infractions:

Essentially, it seems the “museum” feels that merely disagreeing with its “science” and mocking it to one’s friends is grounds for having visitors removed from the property. This is of course absurd. Could you imagine if the American Museum of Natural History ejected visitors for being creationists? Or if the Museum of Modern Art ejected visitors for critiquing the art or mocking Jackson Pollack’s work quietly with their friends? It would never happen. That’s because REAL museums are tools for education and don’t try to control how its visitors think.


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