Tulsa Mayoral Candidate Anna Falling pushes creationism

Tulsa, Oklahoma Mayoral Candidate Anna Falling is today’s religious moron of the week. Falling is reigniting a controversy over a proposal to insert a creationist exhibit in the Tulsa Zoo. The exhibit would feature the Christian story of creation. Of course it will.

The proposal failed for years ago and now Falling’s bringing it back by making it the centerpiece in her campaign, allegedly to honor Jesus. Guess which political party Falling represents? I know you can.

You’d think a city mayor would have more important priorities in this recession than trying to turn a public zoo into a church like, I don’t know, creating jobs, improving schools, keeping the crime rate down, etc. But let’s hear what Falling has to say about this:

“Some may ask why this issue during a Mayoral campaign?  And I say why not?” said candidate Anna Falling.

Why not? WHY FREAKIN’ NOT? Well, I don’t know, Anna. Maybe because as a public servant whose supposed to represent everyone in your city and whose salary would be paid for by that diverse public, choosing to favor one religion might send the wrong idea that Christians get preferential treatment.

“Today we are announcing that God will be glorified in this city.  He shall not be shunned. Upon our election, we hereby commit to honoring Him in all ways that He has been dishonored,” said Anna Falling.

Falling says God was dishonored four years ago, when the Tulsa Parks Board rejected an exhibit which borrows heavily from the first book of the Bible.

What, there are no churches in your city? How exactly was your god dishonored? Did the Tulsa Parks Board smack you god in the face with a glove and challenge him to a dual in whihc he then suffered an embarrassing loss? Really Anna, is your god so small and pety that it’s really that easy to dishonor him? You know, there are no displays in public toilets either. Maybe that’s dishonoring your god too.

Okay, enough snark. This is such a blatant violation of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution that it isn’t even funny.That idiots like this are even allowed to graduate high school is an embarrassment to this country, let alone that she’s been allowed to get this far in politics.

Fortunately though, her party’s primary has about 11 candidates while the State Senator Tom Adelson from the opposing party has some bi-partisan support.

But of Anna Falling, all I can say is, ugh!

(See, I was able to make it through the whole article without a single cheesy pun with her name!)


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