Maybe Focus on the Family should have focused more on the money?

Ive blogged about Focus on the Family’s financial troubles before. Well, since then, there has been no miracles for Focus on the Family, which now is suffering a “serious budget shortfall.”


Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving organization. This budget shortfall. . .

. . .has prompted the conservative Christian group to issue a special fundraising plea, and contributed to a decision to cede control of its contentious “Love Won Out” conferences about homosexuality to another religious organization, a spokesman said Tuesday.

Phew! For a second there, I thought we wouldn’t have enough conferences for hate groups. Maybe they can work out an arrangement wherein they can share conference space with the Ku Klux Klan and split up the day. In second thought, that could get confusing for attendees who might not be able to figure out which is which.

By the way, those “Love Won Out” conferences are all about transforming homosexuals into heterosexuals, a practice that proven time and time again to not actually work (See: Ted Haggard).

Focus on the Family, founded by child psychologist James Dobson, is on pace to fall $6 million short of a $138 million budget for the fiscal year that began last October, spokesman Gary Schneeberger said.

Once again, can I get a big AWWWWW!

That’s a shame.


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