Michigan church wins lottery, pays no taxes

The church won $70,000 and not a penny of that is going to Uncle Sam. This whole recession thing is making more and more sense every day:

The tax-exempt building didn’t buy the lottery ticket. A bunch of people did. And people are not tax-exempt. So why are the individuals not paying taxes on their divided winnings? Even if the money is going to a church, why is it not all after-tax donations? Why are other winners not using this as an excuse? Did the money to buy the lottery ticket come from tithe income?

The whole idea has given Carl at Reasonable Dissent an idea…:

… I’ve come up with a scam. Here’s how it works: I go to a church official and tell him that I have $1 that I’d like to give to the church, to buy a lottery ticket. The stipulation is that of any winnings, I get 80% and the church gets 20%. Why would I, your committed atheist, want do donate to the church? Because it works out to the favor of both of us…

And what if they chose not to spend their winnings on a church but on employee vacations? I really hope the IRS is watching this money carefully because this is absurd. If they didn’t use church tithe income then it wasn’t the church that bought the ticket. And if they did use tithe income to buy the ticket, that is incredibly unethical and the height of hypocrisy.


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