More garbage from the writer of ‘Expelled’

You might call it Expelled 2, but the writer from last year’s Ben Stein mockumentary (yes, it turns out that when your documentary isn’t based on anything true, you need a screenwriter) has another film in the woodwork:

Creation, Resurrection Pictures’ first original film project—a humorous and tearful story of a high school biology teacher’s struggle to expose the lie of evolution, based on the life of creation evangelist Dr. Kent Hovind and written by Kevin Miller the writer of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is scheduled for production in 2010.

Oh, goody! I love a good Science Fiction flick. I wonder if they’ll include Hovind getting pounded in the ass in prison after committing tax evasion or the part when Hovind tries to get his own daughter to hide evidence for him. But somehow I have a feeling that they’ll leave that part out. But perhaps more likely, their Hovind-like hero wll be treated in the film as some persecuted martyr ala Jesus. More likely? Who am I kidding? Of course that what the writer will do. Christians love playing the martyr.


4 Responses to More garbage from the writer of ‘Expelled’

  1. beneficii says:

    Prison rape is wrong–it doesn’t matter who it happens to.

  2. mjr256 says:

    True. Prison rape is wrong. But I come from the school of thought that says nothing is off limits when it comes to humor. And if people have been able to step back and find humor in the Holocaust by now, I think it’s okay that we can sometimes step back and find humor in prison rape. Comedy thrives on despair and tragedy. As Lenny Bruce once said, if they declared world peace tomorrow, he’d be standing on the bread lines. On a similar note, Mark Twain said, that comedy stems from tragedy and so there’s no comedy in heaven.

  3. Di says:

    Ok, I was already starting to enjoy your website before, but prison rape for “Dr.” Shit for Brains, and a Lenny Bruce reference…Now I’m hooked! Keep up the good work!

    Comedy gold is comedy gold. Don’t let the haters get you down. 🙂

    My deluded sister still visits this scamster at the Edgefield prison on the regular. (Long story, she’s crazy too) Anyway, other than Hovind raping the minds of his fellow inmates, he hasn’t shared any dropping-the-soap stories with her yet.

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