Ubisoft hires Jenny McCarthy for Wii game & Rex Reed’s unfortunate statements about autism

First up, there’s news that Jenny McCarthy has allegedly been hired to be “the face of Your Shape, a new fitness-themed game for the Nintendo Wii as well a being “your in-game work-out buddy.”

“Partnering with Jenny McCarthy was a no-brainer for us,” said Tony Key, vice president of sales and marketing, North America.

Truer words have never been spoken.

baby-with-middle-fingerNext, the anti-vaccine and/or autism denial propaganda blog Age of Autism is ironically attacking Rex Reed for his description of autism in his review for the new film, Adam. Wow! Pot. Kettle. Black. So what did Reed say that pissed off Age of Autism?

On July 28th, film critic Rex Reed of The New York Observer wrote, “Asperger’s is an incurable neurological disorder similar to autism that turns outwardly normal-looking people into high-class idiot savants…They are incapable of thinking of anyone or anything outside of themselves,” and “It is lethal to get involved romantically with any person with Asperger’s syndrome, since they care nothing about other people’s feelings, needs or priorities. Almost without exception, they leave you perplexed, riddled with doubt and totally depressed.”

Now while I think Reed’s review is more than a little bit ignorant and insensitive to people on the autism spectrum, it’s clear to me that Reed is just not educated about autism/Aspergers. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Now  given that he wrote things that are factually untrue and clearly exposed his complete ignorance of the condition, I hope he does make some apologies in the future after inevitably receiving corrections. But I think Age of Autism is hardly one to talk as they’re far more deluded on the subject than Reed is. At least Reed recognizes that “Asperger’s is an incurable neurological disorder,” which puts him way ahead of AoA.

Now I also feel like I have to seriously mock the opening paragraphs of this silly blog from Age of Autism by paralleling some of their unintentionally ironic statements about autism-denying celebrities:

Every once in a while, some celebrity will make highly offensive comments about a group of people, and tick a few people off. In the case of autism spectrum disorders, two celebrities in the past year made such statements. The first was Jenny McCarthy, former Playboy bunny and MTV game show host already known for not being very bright, calling autism “vaccine injury,” “mercury poisoning” and saying that a person with autism can be “recovered.”

Unfortunately, history often has a habit of repeating itself. Jim Carrey, a comedian known for literally talking out of his own ass, started making slanderous, unsupported conspiracy claims in an article published in the Huffington Post soon after McCarthy’s published rants.

With the reputations of the previous two celebrities left primarily intact, it’s only be a matter of time before another public figure makes equally asinine remarks about ASD.


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