News From Around The Blogosphere 8.17.09

vaccine11. Autism Speaks admits there’s no evidence linking vaccines to autism – FINALLY! What page were you guys on, because the rest of us already got there several years ago. Would you guys like to also weigh in on the heliocentric model of our star system while you’re at it?

vaccine32. Anti-vaccinationists still rationalizing their epic legal defeat – Yup, while even Autism Speaks has begun to move the fuck on, the clowns over at Age of Autism are still trying (and failing) to appeal the 3 very definitive legal cases they lost back in February due to what the Special Master judges called a complete lack of evidence supporting their position. And those were the 3 best Autism Omnibus cases the anti-vaccinationist lawyers could come up with. Here’s what the clowns at AoA have to say:

Reading the decision in the Cedillo appeal gives me a greater appreciation of that story. It doesn’t seem to matter what’s presented, the Special Masters are still going to deny any connection between vaccines and autism.

Yeah, because it’s the Special Masters who are living in that fantasy land we call Denial. Riiiiiiiight.

3. Where “Prosperity Gospel” donations go – If you said, into the pockets of lavishly-living preachers like Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, you win. If you said, into God’s pockets, what are you, a fuckin’ retard?! (Okay, I’m angry today. Just go with it.)


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