Iowa bus driver refuses to drive bus with atheist advertising

An Iowa bus driver refused to do her job merely because she couldn’t handle the mere suggestion that some people might not believe in her god:

It happened during shift change. There were some passengers on the bus, but DART officials said they called in a replacement driver and passengers had to wait only about 5 minutes.

DART officials said the driver faces disciplinary action for refusing to drive the bus.

This was over another of the “Don’t Believe In God? You Are Not Alone” ads that despite being 100% inoffensive, seem to somehow be pissing off lots of people who by sheer coincidence, happen to Christian. . .even though nothing in the ad addresses Christianity at all.

This story sounds familiar. Oh yeah, that’s right. I already blogged about it in January when a bus driver in the UK behaved just as dispicably.

My response from the January incident was:

If this isn’t enough reason for why these ads are necessary in the first place, I don’t know what is. You don’t see anyone refusing to do their jobs on account of religious ads.

Bus drivers don’t get to refuse to do their jobs if there’s a Coca Cola ad on their bus and they’re a Pepsi drinker. It’s not any different here. Nobody assumes the bus driver endorses the advertisements on his or her vehicle, so what’s the problem? Though not as bad as the pharmacists who tried to refuse sale of contraceptives because of their religion, this is still completely unacceptable behavior in our society.


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