Creationist dishonesty & cowardice

evolution-ape-teachingCreationist William Dembski got a peer-reviewed paper published. It of course it wasn’t in a biology journal. Dembski tried refuting Richard Dawkins’ Weasel computer program that he created back in the 80’s to demonstrate the difference between random mutation and random mutation with selection, but apparently, Dembski still doesn’t know the hell he’s talking about:

But as a demonstration of selection versus simple random mutation, with the string “methinks it is a weasel” being selected in a matter of minutes, when simple random mutation would take longer than the age of the Universe, it was pretty stunning. As a result, creationists have been having conniption fits over this little program for decades. Such is its power, the Issac Newton of Information Theory, William Dembski, spent a not inconsiderable portion of his time attacking this toy program. In particular, he claimed that after every successful mutation, the successful mutation was locked into place, and couldn’t be reversed. But he was wrong, and it seems he just can’t admit it.

But despite the fact that people have been correcting Dembski’s misunderstandings in his comments section, he won’t listen to them. His response is:

I’m growing weary of these quibblings and thus shutting the comments off.

Oo, good one! You can’t defend yourself so you just ban comments altogether and pretend there is no disagreement–the VenomFangX approach.

And then there’s Pastor Tom Estes, who has now declared his blog an atheist-free zone, banning all atheists that have the audacity to disagree with him on his own blog. PZ Myers points out that this guy is so intellectually inept that in his attempt to refute the refutation of the First Cause Argument, he actually makes his oppositions’ point for them:

“Do you see what I’m saying? It’s all circular. If God was created, then someone had to create who created God, etc, etc, etc. And if that logic were true, nothing would exist.”

Ya don’t say?


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