Laurie Higgins is still a crazy bitch

The other day, I blogged about the mis-named Illinois Family Institute’s Director Laurie Higgins’ insane attempts to get The Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta fired from his job as a math teacher because he blogs about atheism in his spare time.

Now she’s continuing her crusade. This excerpt pretty much summarizes her whole argument:

“… parents really should spend some time perusing… math teacher, Hemant Mehta’s website to determine whether he is the kind of man with whom they want their children to spend a school year. He absolutely has a First Amendment right to promote any feckless, destructive, offensive, and immoral ideas he wants via his blog, but, as I mentioned in my earlier article, parents have the right not to have him as a teacher and a role model for their children. I want to be very clear about what I’m suggesting: I am suggesting that parents who have serious concerns about Mr. Mehta’s potential influence on their children’s beliefs politely insist that their children be placed in another teacher’s class.”

She seriously wants to empower parents to blacklist any teacher they don’t like for any reason they want. But the best part of her recent attack is here:

“Some parents fail to understand the adolescent mind: they fail to understand that teens are often predisposed to affirm the ideas of adults whom they find cool or personable or funny or iconoclastic. Those parents, no matter what their personal beliefs, will likely be comfortable with their children in Mr. Mehta’s class.

Some parents may be ideological kindred spirits with Mr. Mehta. Those parents may relish the idea of their children being impressed by Mr. Mehta and influenced by his subversive ideas.

But those parents who are troublied by the ideas Mr. Mehta expresses, posts on his blog, and endorses, and who recognize that their teens may be predisposed to look favorably on his ideas merely because they like him, may want to ensure their teens have another math teacher.

It’s all about diversity and choice.”

She’s already conceded that she can find not a single instance of Mehta pushing his atheistic non-beliefs in his classroom and yet now she implies that he is influencing his students with “his subversive ideas.” But she herself has previously said that she admits he is doing no such thing. So WHAT THE FUCK is she talking about?

Would it be out of line to make the race comparison here? Fuck it! I’ll go with the McCarthyist comparison. This is like trying to get a gym teacher fired because in his spare time, I writes harsh criticisms of capitalism and then claiming that it’s because students might look on him as a role model and embrace his communist values even though he never discusses them with his students.

Well, you know what, Ms. Higgins? There are lots of teachers out there, all with their own unique politics, religions, and ideologies. And the mere facts that they have their own opinions about the world, that those opinions aren’t the same as your own, and that they choose to express them in their own spare time does not in any way reflect poorly on their character or on their ability to do their jobs.

So if you really want your child taught in a fascist society, I recommend you move to North Korea. And that you have the audacity to end by saying “It’s all about diversity and choice” shows just what a deluded, hypocritical loony you are.


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