News From Around The Blogosphere 8.21.09

vaccine31. Now New Zealand is reporting a 7-times higher rate of measles than last year – The reason is not enough people are getting immunizations to reach herd immunity even though vaccines are absolutely free and readily available in New Zealand. This makes me realize just one more benefit to public healthcare. Antivaccinations will no longer be able to make the stupid claim that vaccines are made and promoted merely to make money. Once vaccines are free to all, what incentive would there be to push vaccination other than legitimate health reasons?  Oh, that’s right. They’ll just continue to claim vaccines are poisoning us as part of a mass eugenics plot.

2. WebMD: Medical advice for dummies by dummies – It’s basically what you’re likely to find in Cosmopolitan or Glamour, except packaged as a medical publication with complimentary copies put in doctors office waiting rooms.

3. Croatia bus ad removed after a whole day – The ad reading “No Gods, No Masters” was removed after only being up a day because it allegedly wasn’t in accordance with marketing policy of that city owned company. Then why did they put it up in the first place? And what rule in the marketing policy did the ad exactly violate anyway? Oh, that’s right none. By the company’s own admission, it was taken down because people complained. Yeah, free speech is great as long as it doesn’t offend anyone. Otherwise it must be censored.

religion kills


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