News From Around The Blogosphere 8.24.09

Psychic lies cost money1. Psychic mediumship a dying con in Japan – Japan is one of the most rational places in the world. It’s got one of the lowest religious rates in the world and they don’t buy into much of the pseudoscience that plagues the rest of the world. And that includes psychics.

sexy-nun2. Pope vs. American nuns – Apparently, American nuns are too liberal in their beliefs, as well as too supportive of gays and women. Nuns supportive of women? That’s just crazy talk?

“Areas of concern are … views on homosexuality, the ordination of women, and the Vatican declaration Dominus Iesus, which asserts that Jesus is the unique and only road to salvation.”

3. Maine’s Prop 1 to be next California Prop 8 – Earlier this year, Maine passed a law allowing gay marriage. Now Maine is going to be the new battleground over maintaining gay marriage.


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