New From Around The Blogosphere 8.31.09

Jesus has returned, and he’s in Siberia – Sergei Torop, a former traffic policeman, claims to be Jesus Christ. So maybe he can finally show up to court.

Robots getting closer to mimicking humans

The Eccerobot is a project created by five European institutions to build a robot modeled after the human anatomy.

. . .

This has led to a robot that looks and moves very much like a human, if you can imagine some skin wrapped over all those wires, strings, and pulleys.

Foundation Beyond Belief – This is a charity for atheists that promotes humanistic generosity and a nationwide nonreligious parent education program.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm -This seems to be the UK’s version of the Creation “Museum.” There’s so much I could say about it but pictures are worth a thousand words:

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