Get your BS at Schizophrenia University

creationism-cartoon-i-will-not-teach-horse-shit La Sierra “University” is a Seventh Day Adventist college that officially supports a literalist interpretation of the Bible and a 6-day creation. Shockingly though, they have an actual Science Dept. with a professor who actually teaches real science, including a 4.5 billion-year-old universe:

Bradley says he’s felt no pressure to change anything about his course, and says bluntly that he doesn’t plan to turn his class into a theological seminar, or to present evolutionary theory only to then dismantle it for students. While he’s fine with helping students work through struggles of faith, Bradley says he won’t undercut decades of peer reviewed scientific research in the interest of religious consistency.

“I am not OK with getting up in a science course and saying most science is bullshit,” he said.

The school, however, has other plans. The administrators want the scientific evidence taught to the students so they can reject it, because the school’s official mission is to eventually lead them back to biblical superstition. So they want to undermine their own teacher’s teaching by brainwashing the students to reject science. In the above link, PZ Myers links to one of the creationist students’ actual papers where he attempts to debunk major chunks of accepted science. The student says he intends to get a PhD in Molecular Biology. With his incapacity to understand basic science, the only degree I see him getting is a BS.


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