News From Around The Blogosphere 9.1.09

1. Pat Robertson thanks God for his surgery. . .and even remembers to thank the doctors. . .barely – Pat Robertson has apparently undergone heart surgery. Here’s a particularly telling quote:

Robertson said, “Only the prayers of thousands of believing people kept me on this earth. As it is, I anticipate many more years of creative service in the ministry I founded (CBN), as well as Regent University and other endeavors devoted to the service of mankind. I cannot praise enough the dedication and professionalism of Dr. Andy Kiser and his staff who removed this growth from my continuously beating heart.”

Prayer healed him. . .and doctors using cutting edge 21st century medical equipment. . .but mostly it was the prayer. But if God was at play, what did God need with a doctor? Why did Robertson even see a doctor? Brain confused.

No, Im not the missing link

No, I'm not the missing link

2. Ken Ham:  Master of unintentional irony – Ham, who’s responsible for that embarrassment known as the Creation “Museum”, visited a Buddhist temple in Japan. Here’s his reaction:

I took photographs of a couple of their “gods” — I notice they were not very powerful, as they couldn’t even get out past the netting wire that “protected” them!

It was so sad to see people praying to the “god” behind the curtain — what a reminder they need the gospel to free them from the bondage of this false religion that gives them no hope for the future!

Yes, Ham. It is indeed sad to see people praying to invisible gods behind metaphorical curtains. And yes, it’s a reminder they need to be freed from the bondage of religion that gives them no hope for the future. Pot. Kettle. Black.

3. Article in Evolution: Education and Outreach looks at why state science standards are important and how particular states measure up.

4. Greta Christina explains why calling Congress isn’t a waste of time – Part 1 and Part 2.

Note:  Due to linking problems, I’ll just have to copy the URL of the second part below:


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