danish-cartoon-bombI blogged before about Muslims in Mali who are protesting a new law that would dare give women equal rights in marriage. Well now Mali’s president has declined to passing that law:

The code’s more than 1,100 new articles would have increased women’s rights by reforming laws with regards to land ownership, inheritance, education, employment and marriage.

Supporters of the code, more than a decade in the making, praised it as enhancing the rights of women and girls, who they say have been traditionally viewed as second-class citizens.

Islamic leaders said the new code contains provisions that are an affront to the country’s traditional values and religious beliefs. They had vowed to block enforcement of the code, and even threatened violence.

. . .

At the heart of the controversy were changes to marriage laws, including articles that set the legal minimum age for marriage at 18, recognize only civil marriages, allow joint property ownership, expand parental rights, and extend inheritance rights to girls.

And as I mentioned in my previous blog on this issue, even the head of the National Union of Muslim Women’s Associations is against a law that would expand women’s rights. Why? Because of religion.

female-submissionAnd as I also pointed out in the previous blog, this isn’t just an Islam thing. The Bahamas is having difficulty outlawing marital rape because of Christianity. And these people aren’t distorting the Bible’s message. I can quote the chapters and verses that explicitly state that women are to be submissive to men. People really need to start waking up to what a blight on the world religion is and how much better off we’d be if we tossed it all out.


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