Catholic sex prayer

A prominent group within the Roman Catholic Church called the Catholic Truth Society, is recommending that couple pray before sex.  They even have a specific prayer called the “Prayer Before Making Love.” Of course this is intended only for married couples because of course we know how anal the Catholic Church is about that. No pun intended. But speaking of which, it’s unclear whether priests are to use the prayer before engaging in sexual relations with children.

And methinks with that kind of foreplay, many devout Catholics will end up having to pray for sex.

Other fun stuff:

The book pushes the message that marriage should be exclusive and life-long and condemns abortion.

. . .

It adds: ‘It is a fundamental duty of the Church to reaffirm strongly the doctrine of the indissolubility of marriage.’

So no abortion or divorce. Good luck with all that, guys. LOL And exactly how long now have you Catholics been praying for the end of abortion and divorce again? I lost track.


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