Mormon censored for speaking out against church’s homophobia

Apparently, it wasn’t enough for the bishop to just politely ask him to stop. They felt they had to cut his microphone and escort him out:


5 Responses to Mormon censored for speaking out against church’s homophobia

  1. beneficii says:

    Off topic, but it looks like the anti-vaccine people are going for it:

    I wonder how true the list of ingredients there is.

  2. mjr256 says:

    A lot of those ingregiants are either not in vaccines at all or are just made to sound scarier than they are by using their chemical names. Penn & Teller did a great job of debunking this bullshit tactic here:

  3. beneficii says:

    Well, the first one I came across aluminum hydroxide may cause neurological problems:

    I could not find a good source, though, on whether that adjuvant would actually be in the vaccine.

    • mjr256 says:

      Yeah, the claims change so often it’s hard to keep track. There’s definitely no anti-freeze or ether in vaccines, which is one of the more common claims. And we take in far more formaldehyde from other areas of our environment on a regular basis than can be found in vaccines, so if the amount in vaccines was too much, we’d already be in a LOT more trouble.

      Now I found a study that looked into aluminum hydroxide in vaccines (, which found that, no surprise, large enough doses are dangerous. But that’s when it’s in large enough doses:

      “Our preliminary experiments indicated, indeed, that concentrations of Al(OH)3 gel in culture medium of 400 μg/ml and higher were toxic (induced >30% dead cells after 48 h of culturing as detected by the trypan blue exclusion test).”

      And anti-vaccinationists don’t even recognize the most fundamental rule of toxicology, that the dosage makes the poison. And if you notice on that blog, the blogger never addresses the dosage at all. He or she just copies a laundry list of alleged ingredients with no regard for how much is used.

      Now I don’t personally know exactly how much aluminum hydroxide is in vaccines at this time, but I can guarantee you that a further investigation will find that it’s within safety levels. And again, no surprise, the only websites that seem to be perpetuating the claim that the aluminum hydroxide in vaccines is dangerous are non-reputable, non-medical sites that clearly show an anti-vaccine bias such as the blatantly named “”

      But according to this article from the National Network for Immunization Information, like with formaldehyde, we get exposed routinely to aluminum salts elsewhere. So the amount in vaccines is safe.

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