News From Around The Blogosphere 9.16.09

monkey-frustrated1. Sam Noble Museum of Natural History apologizes for hosting creationist film premiere. . .sorta – Actually, it’s more like an excuse. . .and they’re still going ahead with the premiere. . .because of free speech. Funny, but I don’t remember anything in the First Amendment saying museums can’t discriminate regarding who they rent out their space too. Maybe David Irving should try and book a Holocaust denial lecture there. After all, they don’t discriminate.

reincarnation2. What’s the harm in believing in reincarnation? – It turns out that some Hindus believe that if your organs are removed, you may be reincarnated with them missing. So lots of them are deciding not to donate organs!! Ugh!

3. The atheists of Liberal, Missouri – It seems that there was once a town in Missouri that was founded as an atheist-only community. For countless reasons, the experiment failed, not least of which being that it wasn’t a very good idea in the first place.

4. Ten Commandments tablet goes up in Louisiana park – It’s right across the street from a public high school and allegedly the tablet and its installation was paid for by a former city councilman, A.T. Furr:

Mayor Harold Rideau supports it, adding “We’re a Christian-based community.”

He’s in for one hell of a lawsuit.


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