CVS to pay $2.8 mil in AirShield settlement

How many times is the Federal Trade Commission going to have to defeat the same freakin’ product in court?! First, there was Airborne, the bogus cold relief “medicine” that was forced to pay out a $37 million court settlement last year. Then Rite Aid was forced to pay out a $500,000 in refunds to customers for “Germ Defense,” Rite Aid’s version of the same product. Then Walgreens had to pay the consequences for selling their own version of the same stupid, completely ineffective product, Wal-Born (also briefly sold as Wal-Borne).

And now it’s CVS’ turn to pay up $2.8 million in a settlement over their version AirShield. This is ridiculous! If the FTC can’t get a bogus medical product off the shelves completely, what’s the point? They got to know that the amounts these companies are forced to pay are nothing but petty cash compared to the profits made by these products and that these products will continue to be sold in the cold remedy aisles with only slight changes to the packaging. These products need to be stopped once and for all.


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