Town rejects new Scientology ‘church’

$cientology isn’t wanted in Sandy Springs, Georgia:

In a 3-2 vote, the commission denied the church’s request to rezone a former office building at Roswell Road and Glenridge Drive into its Georgia headquarters.

. . .

The vote is nonbinding but will be considered by the City Council during its vote. The City Council is scheduled to vote on the issue at its Oct. 20 meeting.

The swift vote cheered the 30 residents who showed up to oppose the rezoning, but church leaders and 30 members who showed up in support of the move were undeterred.

Good job, Sandy Springs! Keep those vampires out of your town!

And speaking of $cientology, I recently wrote an article, which I dual-posted over at Examiner and the New York City Skeptics’ new blog, The Gotham Skeptic about a lecture I attended on cults where the lecturer, Paul Grosswald, was a former $cientologist. Now the complete lecture is available online here, and I highly encourage everyone to listen to it. Cults are a real problem and almost anyone is capable of being sucked into a cult if they’re not educated in cult tactics.


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