Bill Maher: still an anti-medical nut

I’ve already criticized Bill Maher for his religulous views on medicine, particularly after he was awarded the Richard Dawkins Award for allegedly promoting both atheism AND good science (yup, promoting science is in the official rules). But I’d hoped that his growing involvement with such intellectual luminaries like Richard Dawkins, who’s even done a television special on anti-medical quackery, might lead to someone setting Maher straight on how medical science works and why believing in so-called “alternative” “medicine” is no less religulous than believing in an invisible sky daddy. Though I doubted it.

Well, it seems Maher continues to believe in utter nonsense when it comes to medical science:

Wow! Is this Overtime With Bill Maher or Deep Thoughts By Sarah Palin? As usual, Orac does a comprehensive refutation to Maher’s idiocy.


2 Responses to Bill Maher: still an anti-medical nut

  1. I have to tell you that Maher is right when he says that American medicine treat symptoms and not the underlining cause. He is also right about corporate medicine having a strangle hold in politics. Maher is also right about America’s poor health due to poor eating habits (and I admit that I have poor eating habits). I don’t know about which specific “quarkery” he supports. He hasn’t mentioned any by name, just that other countries have different approaches. I think we need a Food & Drug Administration which is not so much in the pocket of corporate medicine and more in the pocket of good science. I think Bill Maher would also agree with that. That doesn’t sound wacky to me. It sounds reasonable… Very reasonable!

  2. mjr256 says:

    Maher’s take on medicine is so far from reasonable, he’s up there in Kirk Cameron territory. Again, I refer to the blog I linked to above, which demolishes each and every point he makes in detail. You’re downplaying Maher’s position. Maher doesn’t want scientifically proven medicine; he’s advocating for products that have no scientific validity at all to be sold to the public. And his justification for this is to claim the scientists are in on the Big Pharma conspiracy. Maher then makes the Ben Stein case that you can be expelled (or in Maher’s case “arrested”) for just challenging the system, but Maher obviously fails to present any examples of anyone who’s even been arrested for such a thing because of course that’s total bullshit.

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