PZ Myers incidentally plugs my Examiner article

I suppose part of the credit goes to Bill Frische, an easily offended creationist who sent hate mail to PZ Myers because apparently he just heard about the Legend of the 300 now. This was of course the army of atheists and scientists from the Secular Student Alliance who organized a massive group trip to the Creation “Museum.” Well this Bill Frische also wrote his complaint to the Alumni Association at PZ’s school insisting that he’ll never donate to University of Minnisota ever again. I surmise he never did before either.

Well in his email, Frische included 2 examples of articles written about the event. One of them was the Answers in Genesis article and the other Frische seemed to think was “a more balanced report” (not necessarily more than the AiG one, since that link appeared after this one). That “more balanced report” was my Examiner article.

Even better, this was one of the hate emails PZ got that he decided to post in its entirety on his blog with its gigantic readership, links included. The Pharyngula readership is so large that PZ’s infamous for using it to crash online polls. There’s even a verb in the Urban Dictionary “pharyngulate“:

1. verb: to skew results of an online poll, usually having to do with religion, science, or politics, in order to reflect a more rational result.

from the blog of the great PZ Myers

Dude, we totally pharyngulated that ridiculous Texas-based poll about creationism being taught in schools. Count that a win for science.
This morning my brother called me and told me that his friend (all 3 of us are Atheist Examiners) saw that PZ Myers had linked to my site on Pharyngula.
And I have indeed seen a spike in readers today, though so far it hasn’t been as much of a spike as I expected. But maybe the PZ Bump will continue for awhile.
So I’d just like to thank PZ and Bill Frische for helping to draw massive amounts of traffic to my Examiner site.

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