This Week In God 9.28.09

1. Charlotte music festival gives proceeds to Richard Dawkins Foundation

This year Charlotte Pop Fest will celebrate the life of Charles Darwin and all proceeds from the event will benefit the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science. The year 2009 is the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his book The Origin of Species.

According to the organizer, the reason was to raise awareness for science education, which he said was, “really important.” But of course there are some who don’t think science education is important, such as one of the event’s sponsors, who pulled out. The result was that some of the bands had to be canceled.

2. Crusty old Bill Donohue thinks everything’s about him – Donohue, everyone’s favorite defender of child rapists, has learned of the Center For Inquiry’s coming Blasphemy Day (Sept. 30), a yearly event started in 2005 on the anniversary of the publication of the infamous Danish cartoons. And if you’re Bill Donohue, this information can only point to one possibly conclusion: this is all about discriminating against Christians. No, clearly nothing about this celebration has anything to do with any other religions, least of all Islam. Nope. Just Christians. That’s why we named it Anti-Christian Day. Oh, wait. No we didn’t.

3. God vs. Madonna. . .no, the other Madonna – A Bulgarian pastor has blamed a boating tragedy that killed 15 people on a Madonna concert because “God” was apparently pissed off at people for attending the concert. Pfft, everyone knows God always preferred Cindy Lauper.

Nikolay stressed that the day of the Madonna concert, August 29, had coincided with a holy day commemorating the beheading of John the Baptist, and therefore was not a day for enjoyment.

Well, that’s all the evidence I need. Can’t argue with that bulletproof logic. Though I’d be incredibly immused if Madonna fired back by saying that those 15 people would have been spared if they’d only worn their Kabbalah bracelets and didn’t follow that false prophet, Jesus.


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