Coral Ridge Ministries vs. Ben & Jerry’s

We all know that the Religious Right no likey the same sex marriage or even the gay sex (or at least not publicly. I’m looking at you Ted Haggard!). But now they’re extending their disdain for same-sex ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s, liberal hippies that they are, had not long ago announced their re-release of their Chubby Hubby ice cream flavor under the name, Hubby Hubby in honor of gay marriage.

Well, apparently Coral Ridge Ministries objects to ice cream on ice cream action:

I always find it hilarious that these nuts make such a big deal about gay marriage but find divorce so acceptable despite the fact that according to the Bible, their god hates divorce infinitely more than two dudes doin’ it.

Then they quote clearly biased sources like “Americans for Truth about Homosexuality” and make up flat-out lies to justify their hypocrisy such as “the health risks of homosexual behavior.” Like what, John Rabe? AIDS? What decade are you living in?

Ya gotta love this line though:

“The next time you’re tempted to surcome to the temptations of Chunky Monkey or Cherry Garcia, know that part of your money will go to some patently unholy causes.”

Mmm, unholy causes.

I think I’ll make an extra special trip to Ben & Jerry’s tomorrow to get a taste of those delicious, unholy causes. And please take a moment to tell them how much you support Ben & Jerry’s evil gay agenda here.

Also, on a related note, these guys also hate Pepsi for also supporting the evil gay agenda, so show them some love too. After all, be honest. The product tastes so much better knowing how much it pisses off bigoted assholes like this.


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